Sinovuyo Old Age Group

Ngomso Project

While we strive to showcase the best of the continent, the social and economic dichotomies that exist are unavoidable features of any travel experience in Africa. Over time, our tours and travel encounters have put us in touch with people whose lives could be vastly improved with a little help.  As a small company we do not have the capacity to take on large, financially heavy projects; however, we can change the lives of a few individuals who may then change the lives of a few more…

When you book a trip with Active Africa, 1.5% of your trip fee is donated to our NGOMSO project. ‘Ngomso’ is the Xhosa word for ‘tomorrow’ and by assisting the selected beneficiaries, we aim to enhance their futures in positive ways.  Active Africa travellers have the option to select the beneficiaries to whom the donation from their booking should go. We are committed to all of our beneficiaries so everyone will receive the required assistance, but we would like all of our travellers to arrive in Africa with the knowledge that their trip with us is making a difference to an individual life in some small way.

Sinovuyo Old Age Group

Seniors activity centre

The Khayelitsha-based Sinovuyo Old Age Group was formed in 2015 to provide seniors in the community with a safe place to gather during the week and currently comprises around 45 members. The focus of activities involves keeping seniors active, offering them a place to discuss challenges affecting the elderly, giving them a base from which to make crafts and to provide care an support for the elderly and frail.

Each day starts with a prayer and exercise, followed by breakfast, gardening activities, sharing stories and sports. After lunch, the group cleans up, sings and ends the day with a prayer.
Through our association with Uthando South Africa, Active Africa has committed to making quarterly donations to the group from our Ngomso Fund to provide some of the many articles needed to make the centre a place of comfort and safety for these valuable members of the Khayelitsha community. 

Cultural encounters offered to Active Africa travellers visiting Cape Town will include a visit to the Sinovuyo Old Age Group to meet these wonderful, gentle souls.



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