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Ngomso Project

While we strive to showcase the best of the continent, the social and economic dichotomies that exist are unavoidable features of any travel experience in Africa. Over time, our tours and travel encounters have put us in touch with people whose lives could be vastly improved with a little help.  As a small company we do not have the capacity to take on large, financially heavy projects; however, we can change the lives of a few individuals who may then change the lives of a few more…

When you book a trip with Active Africa, 1.5% of your trip fee is donated to our NGOMSO project. ‘Ngomso’ is the Xhosa word for ‘tomorrow’ and by assisting the selected beneficiaries, we aim to enhance their futures in positive ways.  Active Africa travellers have the option to select the beneficiaries to whom the donation from their booking should go. We are committed to all of our beneficiaries so everyone will receive the required assistance, but we would like all of our travellers to arrive in Africa with the knowledge that their trip with us is making a difference to an individual life in some small way.

Fund a Future

Some of our itineraries may offer the opportunity for travellers to meet the project beneficiaries and assist further. Co-owner of Active Africa, Jacqui Goodwin serves on the board of Fund a Future, a small, US-registered non-profit organisation which supports education and life-improvement projects around the world. Fund a Future is the initiative of James Pierce, a previous traveller to Africa, who had the desire to help educate opportunity-deprived children around the world. By registering Fund a Future, James has created a platform for regular people to be heroes and for people in need to benefit immediately and directly from their support. Since Fund a Future is a small, member-managed concern, 100% of the funds donated, are received by the projects.  Active Africa travellers who wish to contribute personally to our Ngomso projects may do so through Fund a Future.


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