A personal connection to Zimbabwe and a strong empathy for a people affected by circumstances in many instances beyond their control has kept Active Africa returning to the country.  We offer safaris to private lodges within the Hwange National Park, where lodge owners and operators work tirelessly to protect the remaining wildlife.  We lead walking tours of the Victoria Falls and the village, and offer walks and drives into the surrounding wilderness. Here, we utilise our intimate connection with the area to facilitate enlightening cultural exchanges.



Best Season:
year-round; Dry season – May - Oct best for wildlife viewing
Gateway Cities:
Victoria Falls, Harare
USD (but all major currencies accepted)
High risk during wet season
Time Zone:
UTC +2

We offer these experiences in Zimbabwe

Rafting / Kayaking
Safaris / Wildlife
Cultural exchanges
Off-road biking

Zimbabwe’s well documented disastrous leadership, government policies and continued political instability have contributed to a devastated economy that has essentially destroyed the country’s infrastructure. Once considered the bread basket of Africa, Zimbabwe’s healthy agricultural, mining and budding tourism sectors have all but collapsed, making a journey to the country seem an unappealing prospect to most travellers.  However, the natural splendour and tourism potential that still exists, along with the warm hospitality of its people, still make Zimbabwe a compelling destination.

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