Meet the team

About Active Africa

Meet the team

We could describe the 'who' of Active Africa as a group of exceptional guides. But we are so much more than that, with many years of collective tourism consulting, guiding and tour leading experience in Africa and worldwide. Whether your interest is a cultural exchange with a remote community or savouring the culinary art of the continent's best chefs, we can arrange it. Whether you prefer to touch ancient wilderness on a classic African safari, cycle through desert landscapes or ascend the icy summit of Kilimanjaro, all of our guides and tour leaders are intimately familiar with Africa, offering expert leadership and local knowledge that only comes from personal experience.

Chris Goodwin


Chris is the owner of Active Africa and someone who is single-mindedly dedicated to having as much fun as possible. After 13 years in the commercial catering industry, Chris realized that during those long hours in the office, he had forgotten how to breathe. So in 2001, armed with no more than a desire to enjoy his working hours, he took a deep breath and walked out of the office. Now, whether he’s pounding the ground on a trail run, or climbing a mountain or riding a bicycle, Chris is enjoying every breath and travellers on his tours are constantly inspired by his energy, enthusiasm and pure enjoyment of life. A consummate organizer, Chris loves the little operational details that go with managing or overseeing a tour.

Special talents:
Cooks like a demon!
Thinks he’s a photographer…

Jacqui Goodwin

General Manager

A lively intellect earned through a doctorate in molecular biology, combined with a passion for cycling means that Jacqui can engage you in philosophical debate while hardly breaking a sweat as you tackle that hill with her on your bicycle. Thanks to a diverse career that included a period in the corporate grind of big pharma, whether from a seat in front of her computer or from the seat of her bicycle, Jacqui can offer qualified recommendations to the finest destinations and informed insight when discovering them. A passion for the natural environment, depth of general knowledge and a desire to blend information with entertainment keeps Jacqui returning to the road as a freelancer when not guiding, consulting, supporting or making tea for Active Africa.

Special talents:
Remembers loads of useless information
Smiles a lot

Nicole Samsodien


Nicole is a born-and-bred Capetonian who shares her love for the outdoors with her young family. Her fondest memories as a child were exploring Cape Town's natural beauty with her sisters, something she is continuing to share with her two young boys. Nicole's endless patience and calm temperament, coupled with her excellent organisational skills, are the perfect antidote to the office chaos that would otherwise prevail.

Special talents:
Loves admin!
We think she's a secret Ninja warrior

Michael Willemse

South African Guide

One of the few born-and-bred Capetonians (we're all Capetonian, right?) Michael spent his youth exploring in the fynbos and crawling around the caves, which may explain his great night vision.... He enjoyed a challenging, but rewarding career as a chef before the call of the outdoors drowned out the sound of extractor fans and Michael left South Africa for New Zealand where he completed an Outdoor leadership course. A strong biker and extremely proficient mountain guide, Michael will show you the best of the outdoors in an interesting and informative way ... and he may just whip up something delicious while he's at it. When he's not riding a bike or climbing a mountain, he can be found cheering his daughters on the sports field.

Special talents:
Yet another chef ... we love it!
Serves homemade ice cream midway through a hike on the mountain

Eckhardt Kuhn

South African Guide

Born in Namibia to a family of three generations of sheep farmers, Eckhardt enjoyed the benefit of growing up between two countries. After school he studied tourism management before hitting the great outdoors as a river guide and later as a bush guide. These days Eckhardt prefers the mountains and is a qualified mountain and rock guide who is trying hard to climb as well as his wife, Catherine. Being active is part of Eckhardt’s DNA. A competitive downhill mountain biker for 13 years, he is currently a regular podium finisher in provincial events. But it’s not all dirt and action – a talented artist, Eckhardt enjoys expressing his passions through his charcoal drawings.

Special talents:
That hipster beard
Is yet to own a smart phone

Jimmy Bilima

Rwanda guide

Jimmy is a Rwandan guide and fixer extraordinaire with nearly 10 years’ experience in tourism at a time when Rwanda is one of the hottest African destinations. His expertise and knowledge of the country and the tourism industry places him ahead of the guiding and tour-leading curve. Jimmy was instrumental in the establishment of the Rwanda Safari Guides Association and sits on the board of the Rwanda Chamber of Tourism. When he’s not monkeying around with apes, Jimmy spends time with his wife Aime and his two young children.

Special talents:
Can eat his weight in food
...In a few minutes flat

Annie Uwase

Rwandan guide

Annie was born during a difficult period in Rwanda's history, but was fortunate to be raised in the 'new' Rwanda. She started working as a tour guide straight out of high school in 2013, an occupation which is not considered culturally appropriate for a woman. But Annie persisted, without the support of her family and relatives. Her experiences with people from different parts of the world caused Annie to fall in love with the job and when we met Annie, we fell in love with her. One of the country's few hiking guides, Annie loves to share her culture and traditions and believes the best way to do it, is to spend time in the countryside with the local communities. Annie is busy studying tourism, but during the little spare time she has, she enjoys reading and sports. 

Special talents:
The glass is alway half full
That wonderfully dry humour...


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